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Welcome to RCS LINE

RCS LINE is affiliated with Sea-Shore Group of Companies and is a leading shipping and logistics service provider in Asia-Pacific region for over 4 decades. The container line service, freight forwardering and ship chandlers activities are our core strength.

We have a history of providing shipping and logistics services to the trading and manufacturing industry over the years. We stand with our values of integrity, honesty and commitment. We always look forward to provide innovative logistics solutions.

We nurture and preserve the relations so that it will long last. Despite of shipping industry navigating through trouble waters, our growth graph trend is upwards due to the continued support from our valued customers. We deliver what our customers want.

Cargo Guide

The shippers are responsible for the packing and loading of their cargo into the shipping container(s). While they have freedom and flexibility to pack and load their cargo, they should be aware of proper loading practices.

Verified Gross Mass

From the experience of number of accidents and incidents at sea, The International Maritime Organization (IMO) has recommended and amended the SOLAS (Safety of Life at Sea) convention under regulation 2 of chapter VI which stipulated the declaration of VGM

Cargo Insurance

Insurance is a vital aspect of trade since it provides a secure environment of commerce. International trade has many uncertainties and risks, and therefore insurance assumes a very particular importance.

We have our own vessels and containers inventory